Design Elements: 5 Steps To A Dreamy Bedroom

Interior Design for a Dreamy, Blissful Bedroom. 

My bed is so important to me. Getting into bed is often my favorite part of the day and my college roommates agreed.  

In College, I came home from a very late night working on my Oncology Center design and I went to my bedroom. I gathered my things to start my nightly routine, showered, and got dressed back in my bedroom. I pull the covers back and there is one of my roommates, fast asleep, in my bed. I gently wake her and she had overslept from a nap for hours! It was hilarious! I can tell a story like this for so many of my friends. My bed is the best, and its not just my mattress pad. 

Right off the bat, I enjoy a style of what I like to call "Moody and Mellow" and it is perfect for bedrooms! I want it to feel warm, intimate, and dreamy. I even have a whole Pinterest board about it! Follow it here

You can often see this style in Lounges and also places that are meant to be "Romantic." There is actually a scientific reason why, do you know it?

Interior Design is a powerful thing!

OK! Back to Bedrooms. Every bedroom should have the following 5 key elements. We will begin with the foundation of every room, the space planning.

#1: Space Planning

Any Fung Shui Specialist will tell you that it is important that your bed face your door. The first reason being your subconscious sense of security, so that when you are in your bed you can see a person walking into your room quickly (even Cops like to implement this practice in public spaces). The next reason is ease of flow, or how efficient your foot steps are. It's completely maddening when you are walking in circles trying to get to all the points of your room. Without this step, you’ll be slightly frustrated everyday, and please, don't push your bed all the way into the corner.

You'll thank me later. 

#2 Lighting

Specifically accent lighting or task lighting are great in bedrooms. The morning sun is a cool, bright light and the evening sun is much warmer in tone. 

Warm bulbs are great to help you tell your brain that its time for bed. 

The reason I choose this sconce is because of the visible bulb, clear glass, and also because of the long cord. Edison bulbs are almost always warm, and they are a subtle way to add a sculptural element to a room. I love this clear antique glass globe, Its giving me mass without the added weight and a smoky diluted light. A sconce like this will add height to a room, and every room needs height, especially rooms that don't have any design elements on the "5th Wall", the ceiling. I also like using sconces because it frees up more space on the nightstand. 

That brings me to my next step!

#3 Storage, Storage, Storage

Every time I see an adorable occasional table used as a night stand, my soul dies a little. Where am I supposed to put my alarm clock? My cell phone? My book I am supposed to be reading? My candle? My earrings that are now stabbing my neck? My glass of water? These things pile up! Thank goodness I chose a sconce.

I need storage with at least one drawer. This gem has three! I love this grey, almost pewter, color to the nightstand. Its great for spaces that use mixed metals, so it fits perfectly, and also has soft rounded edges with a feminine touch!

Have you ever heard the saying, "A clean room, is a clear mind," Well, that starts with your nightstand. Even if you are just dumping everything in there! Get your personal items out of sight and wake up to a nightstand with two or three things on its surface. 

Now, I am not advocating for junk drawers. Everything has a Purpose! Everything. That storage ottoman can house your throw blankets and clean sheets. That bottom drawer can have the next book you are reading or even a small trash bin. There are countless reasons to need storage. 

#4 The Club Chair

A club chair is meant to be comfortable, often found with deep seats. It is great for reading and curling up in with a blanket. This also serves as a place to sit and put on your shoes, meditate, pray, or just take a private moment to be still. It also provides a friend a place to sit if they needed your room and makes them feel welcome and accommodated. 

If you can fit a chair into your bedroom without it feeling over crowded, take that opportunity. 

I love using velvet for moody and mellow styles and the tufting is an added element that gives a pillowy texture that is so great for bedrooms. The only thing I'm left dreaming about is smoked acrylic legs. That would look so great with the sconce I chose but, black is the next best thing! This chair is PERFECT! 

What else, what else... OH YES!

#5 The Perfect Bedding

I could go on and on about bedding. When I was a kid I had a king size bed and I wanted as many throw pillows as I could fit. I would arrange them like a throne when it was time for bed! Three on the left, three on the right, and five to support my 10 year old back.

First, a few basic tips that I'm sure your parents taught you. 

A mattress topper can go a long way. Use silk pillowcases to protect your skin. And my rule, be

"One with the Fluff."

A fluffy, airy comforter makes you feel like you are in a commercial. Once you pull that up to your chin, you are in a cloud and you will be dreaming in no time. Dont be afraid of white or cream bedding, it can often be a great contrast in a Moody and Mellow space. 

Now, lets bring it all together, and tell me you are not ready for bed. Don't forget to share this blog with your friends, or you will start finding them in your bed too! 

Can you find the 5 key elements of this room?

Can you find the 5 key elements of this room?

The gentle, soft curves. The deep, jewel color tones. The reflective metals and fabrics. The warm lighting. The plentiful storage. And arguably the most important part, the fluff! For spaces that have great lighting, wallpaper can make it look like you spent a million dollars! Wallpaper has great texture and and often reflective fibers that always elevate the room. The arch in the floor lamp provides a classic element that makes the space feel sophisticated while the furry ottomans provide a playful, glam moment. The sculptural gold accessories anchor and frame the bed and help it to feel less structured and more relaxed. Other design elements that I would add is beautiful contemporary crown moulding to finish the wall paper and draw your eye up to the ceiling. "Moody and Mellow" styles look great with a dark color on the ceiling. It makes it feel smaller and more intimate. 

I hope you have enjoyed my 5 steps to a Dreamy Bedroom! You can find every product seen in my design board and even more on my "Moody and Mellow" Design board on "The Design Network" linked here

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below!

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Go find your peace in your new Moody and Mellow Bedroom!

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