Behind The Design: Glam On A Budget

I am honored to introduce this client! She is the Southern Betty Boop and I'm blessed to call her family! Her fingers are always graced with large stones and shinning chunky necklaces are a requirement... She has stolen mine many times! She may have grown up on a farm but you would never know it from her style, but this picture below... is not it. 


First to go was her existing flooring! Her entry had cheap tile that really broke up the Transitional floor plan. You could see the very obvious printed repeat in the tile with the salmon veins from the 80's that the builder installed in the 2000's. We installed a beautiful engineered wood plank with a diamond pattern in the entry.

Installing it across the entire space in the same direction would have disconnected the style of the house and would have made this brand new flooring look trendy 5 years from now. 

We are both very happy with the result! Luckily, I was able to be apart of the Project Management and I caught the installer before he made a mistake with the pattern, as well as had them do each face of the added quarter round with returns instead of a standard open face. It is all in the details! If you are in the DFW Area, go to Prosource Flooring and ask for Abby De La Rosa! She is a great friend of mine so, tell her I sent you!


Her list of "Must Haves" included: 

  • Blue Velvet Curtains
  • Crystal Chandelier
  • "Luxurious Rug, that goes like this*" 

*Motions her hands like they are in the wind. 

We started with her glamorous glass-blown vase that had blues and greens with the inside layered with silver glitter. Need I say more? We used those colors to be our inspiration. We have a very talented local Glass Blower in town and I love any excuse to partner with them!


Her Investment limit was very tight, and we could not afford the kind of Chandelier she dreamed of but in true Design Center Miracles, I found a Chandelier that, at checkout, just so happen to be discontinued, which meant that I could buy the sample from the floor at an even cheaper price! The best kind of floor sample - no one touches them!

I love being able to share discounts with my clients. Thank you, Dale Tiffany! 

We were able to use furniture from multiple different spaces in her home. The grey chair with the nail head trim was an impulse buy that she already placed in another room of the house. The coffee table was from her daughters garage, and the side table with a matching console table were already apart of the room. The entertainment center was too visually heavy and did not have the proper proportions to fit into the room. My client never used that TV, not even her guest used it during holidays.

By analyzing what her actual needs are, we were able to repurpose it in her office.


That beautiful piece of furniture finally lives up to its grand wood detailing and fits in a room that shares its proportion. Nothing went to waste! That really made my client happy to have a designer touch in a secondary room.

*Shines my nails and buffs them on my shoulders.*

I really wanted her room to have the kind of shine that screams "GLAM!" The simplest way to achieve that is to reflect and bounce light as much light as possible. How do you do that? A Mirror of course! This product is going to act like a disco ball, each frame is set at a different depth with assorted sizes and it will bounce light off of each indiviual pane and hit the many reflective accessories located around the room. Thanks for such a unique product, Bassett Mirror! We had to wait quite a while to get this item at a lower price, but that is what you sacrifice when you are on a budget. Follow me on my Instagram to see the mirror!


My client was very excited about her wing back chair that she had in a spare room! We had some fun going through fabrics. She wanted to support a friend of hers by letting them upholster the chair but it ended up not working out and it cost us a lot of time lost. The pattern wasn't centered and I sent it to one of my trusted local tradesmen to salvage the fabric. They were very prompt and even gave me a discount for my troubles.

This is an example of trusting your designer, and knowing the value of a professional trade.

This is one of our more expensive items in this room and this chair is one of my clients favorite purchases. She said "it is worth every penny." 

The space is pulled together with more blues and greens, found in the pillows and accessories, to balance out the color. I highlight the Glass-blown vase by putting it in the center, place her published poem under the glass in the console table, and finish with fresh flowers. A few years down the road we will reupholster the antique sofa, add additional can lighting in the ceiling, and add more luxurious accessories, and maybe even correct the proportions of the picture frame trim on the wall (that uneven trim kept me up at night!), but for now, it is finished and it is absolutely beautiful. 

It was a joyous moment to see the sparkle in her eye again, and I think

Little Blind BonBon liked it too!

She sat here for a few hours, it was so funny! She typically requires a throne but, this Rug seemed to speak to her. 


Designing and Decorating on a Budget takes a lot of patience, intentionality, and adjusting of expectations. My best advice when working with a tight budget is to set a clear plan, and know what that plan is going to cost. It is when you don't take the time to do this that my clients waste their money and their time.

That is why I offer E-Design as one of my services. I help make a plan that is worth your time and fits your budget to maximize the value of your Home or Office.

What elements in your home put a sparkle in your eyes? What is Inside? 

Did you learn anything from this edition of #behindthedesign? I would love to know your thoughts! Would you be interested in curated shopping lists? Let me know and Sign up to be an Insider for more tips and tricks when working on a budget!