What is E-Design?

E-Design is an Online Interior Design Service. 

E-Design is a way to offer design services to clients who are unable to budget for full design services, need for a designer who can offer a flexible schedule, and also for those who want a quick and efficient result. You can afford the help and assistance of an Interior Designer! 

"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design."

- Ralf Speth

The service of an Interior Designer includes much background work and intellectual value. Project Management, Product Procurement, an effortless Install, and Styling, are just a few of the many services that a Designer masters to achieve a beautiful environment. On top of offering quality products and fully tailoring it to your style and needs, Designers make sure your project is done as efficiently as possible. That includes money and time. E-Design is great for clients who are on a tight budget and have the time to execute their projects themselves. 

What is included in an E-Design Package? 

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Packages come in 3, 6, & 9 Design Sessions. Payment is collected upfront and meetings can be scheduled over time as they are needed.
For one space, each E-Design Package includes a Floor Plan, Inspiration Board, Concept Image, Shopping List, and Install Instructions. The added Design Sessions are available for larger rooms and spaces that need more time for added revisions and customizations. For example, a simple Guest Room or Entry space would be perfect for 3 sessions and a medium sized Living Room is geared towards 6 sessions, with 9 sessions offering those added meetings used in large projects that will inevitably need revisions and added help, that is just the nature of large projects, embrace it and it wont defeat you.


How does each Design Session work? 

Bedroom Detail

In the beginning, there was Pinterest. 
Tell us about your project!

Give me your Pinterest board, send me well-lit photos of your space (the more the better), ask any specific questions or concerns you have, tell me about your style, take measurements, etc. Don't worry, I have a questionnaire to make sure we cover all the bases. Each Design Session is a maximum of 45 minutes and is set up to maximize our time together. 
In our first meeting, I will present your curated space by using a Floor Plan, an Inspiration Board, & Concept Board in our Online Video Session. I hope we can also get to know each other more! Take some time to study the design presentation. Collect any questions you have and possibly request some revisions. In our next session, I will have addressed your concerns with your updated presentation. The third and final session can be used to help you install your space! Use the Install Instructions included in your E-Design Package. Once you've given your best shot at installing your space, use our last meeting to walk the room with me to address those finishing touches and celebrate our journey together! Purchase your Design Package today, Lets get started!

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