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Concept Development: 

Lets spend time exploring the needs of your space. Asking the right questions will guide you to the best ways to move forward. This service is a natural beginning but also great for those in the beginning stages who are just looking for guidance ... for now!

Space Planning:

One of my favorite parts of the Design Process! Lets breakdown the puzzle pieces and put it together in a whole new way. Does your Kitchen or Bath layout really work well for your needs? Does your Restaurant or Office fit as many people as it should? Do you need a space to have multiple purposes?

E-Design and Decorating:

Meetings and decisions can be time consuming. Not everyone is available during work hours, and not everyone is available for a 2 hour meeting. This method is popular for clients who are an hour away, or states away, and yes, even for those down the street.   


Lets work together and source the products that are right for you, no matter the budget! We can use the existing furniture and decor or pick and choose to add new items with the old. 

Realtors- Staging is available at my hourly rate. Ask me about my gift package!

Project Construction Management:

Juggling the many deliveries, tradesmen, and installs is a job within itself. Having a designer organize these processes can make the last stretch a home run!

All services are available at $105 per hour. Anyone can have the influence of a designer to support them. 

* For a limited time, services are available at $85 per hour!